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washington driving record

You not only have the mountains, but you also have the beautiful Pacific Coast in your backyard when you live in Washington State. Traveling through the state doesn’t come without risk, and if you do have any type of accident you may want to make sure you check out your Washington driver’s record. Your driving record in Washington is going to list anything about points on your license or any other traffic infractions you’ve accrued.

Many people will be looking at your Washington driving record. This includes government officials such as judges, lawyers, insurance companies, and employers at businesses that require you have a driver’s license to do. If you’re going to be a driver, you will definitely need to know what is on your Washington driver’s record. Even if you think you don’t have anything negative on your Washington driving record, it’s worth making sure you are correct.


Types of Driving Records in Washington

The Washington Department of Licensing is responsible for your Washington DPS driving record. There are a variety of options where your Washington driver’s record is concerned. You can choose the one that makes the most sense based on your needs.


Complete Washington Driver Record

This record is used for unofficial reasons. It is for personal use and will include your entire Washington driving record.

3-Year Driving Abstract

This is the Washington driver’s record used by insurance companies. It offers the last three years of your driving history.

Employment Driving Records

This record is requested by employers or future employers and is usually used during background checks. This contains your complete Washington driving record.

Volunteer Washington Driver Record

This record is used by organizations that are looking to screen volunteers that will be driving.

School Bus Driver Records

If you’re applying to drive a school bus, the school district can request this record during the pre-employment screening.


Why You Need Your Washington Driving Record

Your Washington driver record is a history of your time behind the wheel in Washington. This document tells people how many accidents you’ve been in, how many points are on your license, and if you’ve been convicted of something like a DUI. For these reasons, insurance companies will base your payment on your Washington DPS driving record. Employers have been known to request your Washington driver’s record prior to hiring, as well. Like any important document, it’s worth it to check your Washington driver record to ensure its accuracy and correct necessary mistakes.

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How to Get Your Washington Driver’s Record

You can request your Washington driving record in-person at the DOL. A Driving Record Request form will need to be filled out, but otherwise you’ll just need to provide payment. Other than a period that you’ll spend waiting in line, it shouldn’t take long to get your Washington driver’s record in person. You can also mail the form and payment to:

Driver Records
Department of Licensing
PO Box 3907
Seattle, WA 98124-3907

Mailing in your request means that you’ll have a two week wait to receive your Washington DPS driving record.

You can also use Info Tracer to get your Washington driver’s record. The best thing about Info Tracer is that you can request and receive your Washington DPS driving record in minutes. All you need is some basic information, a payment method, and an Internet connection and you’re good to go. If you’re looking for the easiest way to get your Washington driving record, Info Tracer is for you.

Do you have questions about using any of the methods we have mentioned to get your Washington driving record? We are here to help you! Reach out to us and let us know what you need, and we will get back to you! If you need to find a driving record in Washington or any other state we’ve got your back! Speaking of other states, we have information on our website about driving records in every other state beyond Washington, so keep browsing our website for details on whatever state you may need to find a driving record.