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vermont driving record

The crystalline air of Vermont is fresh and full of wonder. As you travel through the mountains, around the lakes, and through the forests you will be in awe. You are probably not thinking about how driving these roads may possibly affect your Vermont driving record. Your record will contain personal information, which you need to make sure is up-to-date, but it also paints a picture of what kind of driver you are, which can impact your life in  various ways.

If you ever had an accident in Vermont expect it be on your driving record in Vermont, if it was deemed your fault. If you’ve received any type of traffic tickets, those are going to be on there, as well. However, even if you’ve done nothing wrong, your record might incorrectly list some type of negative violations. You owe it to yourself to look up your Vermont driver’s record. You want to know what others will see before they get your report for themselves.


Types of Driving Records in Vermont

Whether you want your 3-year Vermont DPS driving record or your complete Vermont driver’s record, the Vermont DMV has got you covered. Both of these records are kept, reminding you and informing others of your driving history in the state. Each Vermont driver record has a variety of information that would be included, depending on your driving history. Some things you can expect to find include:

  • Moving violations
  • Accidents
  • Traffic convictions
  • Suspensions or revocations of your Vermont license
  • License points
  • Missed court appearances
  • Driving related restrictions


Why You Need Your Vermont Driving Record

Like any other record kept about you, your Vermont DPS driving record can be used to show agencies and employers information about you. Your insurance rates are determined after a look at your Vermont driver’s record. Employers can request background checks. Government agencies and courts could also have a need to view your driving record in Vermont. With this in mind, it never hurts to check your Vermont driving record on occasion.

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How to Get Your Vermont Driver’s Record

If you want to order your Vermont DPS driving record in-person you have to go to the Montpelier DMV. This is the only office in the state where you can get your Vermont driving record. While there you’ll need a filled-out Vermont DMV Record Request. You’ll also need to bring proper identification and payment for the record. Once all of this is provided your Vermont driver’s record will be issued immediately.

The same information that you’d take in-person will also need to be provided should you decide to send your request by mail. If that’s the case your Vermont driver’s record will be mailed to you after everything is processed. You can mail your request to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
120 State St.
Montpelier, VT 05603

You can also get your Vermont driver’s record online through web-based services like Info Tracer. The greatest thing about Info Tracer is convenience. You can order your Vermont DPS driving record in your pajamas, if you want! All you need to do is fill in some basic information and you’ll have nearly instant access to your Vermont driving record. You won’t have to deal with any hassles or wait times. You’ll get easy and quick access to your Vermont driver record thanks to Info Tracer.

Info Tracer is certainly one easy method for getting your Vermont driver’s record. We are willing to help you no matter what way you choose to get your state record. Drop us a line and let us know if you need any help finding your driving record in Vermont or any other state. We have information on our website about all of the other states beyond Vermont, and how to get your driving record in those states. Whether you are looking for a Vermont driving record or a record in any other state, we’ve got the info you need.