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Up in the mountains of Utah, there is plenty of fresh air and earthly splendor. It’s also an ideal place to get into a car accident. You don’t want to not know what is on your Utah driver’s record, especially if your job involves driving. Your prospective employer is going to want to see your driving record. You want to know what they’re going to see before they see it, which is why having your record is so important.

Not only can your information about traffic violations, points on your license, and information on accidents be incorrect, but your personal information could be wrong, as well. It isn’t just future employers who are looking at your driving record in Utah. Judges and lawyers, and even your insurance company will need a copy of your Utah driving record. Get ahead of the game and know what they will see before they do.


Types of Driving Records in Utah

You can order a certified Utah DPS driving record or a non-certified Utah driving record. Ultimately, the information will be the same. The certified record is just guaranteed to be correct. Your certified Utah driver’s record would most likely be used for formal reasons such as court appearances.

No matter which Utah driver record you need, it will include a variety of information about your driving history. This will include any traffic violations, convictions, and citations. If you have any alcohol/drug violations those will be added, as well. If you’ve had any suspensions or revocations against your license that will also be part of your Utah driver record.


Why You Need Your Utah Driving Record

Your Utah DPS driving record is actually more important than you might think. If you know anyone that pays higher insurance rates, it could be because of what the insurance company found in their Utah driver record. This record tells insurance companies and other agencies about your driving ability. That said, there can be mistakes in your Utah DPS driving record. There wouldn’t be any way to know about these potential mistakes unless you took the time to check your record.

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How to Get Your Utah Driver’s Record

You can order your Utah driving record through the mail, in-person, or through third-party services like Info Tracer. Whether you want to order your Utah driver’s record in-person or through the mail there will be some paperwork involved. You’ll need to provide a Request for MVR if you want an uncertified record or a Request for Records if you want your copy certified. Payment will also be required. You can get your record in-person at any Utah DPS office if you want an uncertified copy of your record. If you want a certified copy, you’ll need to visit the Administrative Office. You can request either copy through the mail at:

Department of Public Safety
Driver License Division
P.O. Box 144501
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114

While mailing your request will take longer, there are wait times with both methods. Additionally, if you need a certified copy it will take two weeks or longer to process and receive your record.

Info Tracer is another option. This allows you to get your Utah DPS driving record online and without any wait time. You won’t deal with any lines. You won’t even have to leave your house! Just fill in some identifying information, pay for your Utah driver’s record and Info Tracer will get you your record instantly.

As you can see, there are multiple ways to get your Utah driver’s record. We are here to help you find out what the best way is for you. If you have questions, send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can. Also, keep browsing around our website, because we have information on finding driving records not only in Utah, but in every other state, as well.