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pennsylvania driving record

Truth and justice are at the heart of Philadelphia. Whether you’re traveling the busy streets of this city or through the mountains further west, you may want to make sure that your Pennsylvania driver’s record is a fair assessment of your driving history. You want this record to absolutely show the truth about what kind of driver you are, especially if you’re applying for a job where you will be assessed by your driving skills.

Your Pennsylvania driving record will list lots of information about you, from personal details that need to be updated such as your name and phone number, to information on what kind of activity is associated with your driver’s license. If you have a clean driving record, you need to make sure that’s what it says, and if your driving record in Pennsylvania says something different you need time to fix it.


Types of Driving Records in Pennsylvania

When it comes time to order your Pennsylvania DPS driving record you’ll see that you have a lot of options. Each driving record in Pennsylvania offers a variety of personal information and driving details. What is in each Pennsylvania driver record will depend on which one you need.


Basic Pennsylvania DPS Driving Record

This Pennsylvania driving record includes your name, license number, birth date, address, and your license class. This is just a basic Pennsylvania driver’s record, so it will not include details on accidents, violations, or actions against your license.

3-Year Pennsylvania Driver’s Record

This record includes everything in the basic record along with license status and violations and department actions against you. This Pennsylvania driver record can also be ordered in a 10-year Pennsylvania driving record. However, the 10-year driving record in Pennsylvania is only used for employment purposes.

Full Pennsylvania Driving Record

This is your full driving history in Pennsylvania. It includes all of the basic information. Along with it comes your license status and your complete driving history of violations in Pennsylvania.

If you want a certified Pennsylvania driving record, you’ll receive the full record. You can also order employment related driving records in Pennsylvania.


Why You Need to Get Your Pennsylvania Driving Record

Do you know what your credit report says? Most people check them regularly, especially if they are attempting to get new credit line or to buy a house. What about your Pennsylvania DPS driving record? Like your credit report, your Pennsylvania driver’s record helps to determine your insurance rates. Other agencies and even future employers can also request access to your Pennsylvania driver record. Knowing what’s in your driving record in Pennsylvania can make the difference between how much you pay every month for insurance!

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How to Get Your Driving Record in Pennsylvania

How do you feel about waiting in line? If you don’t mind it, you can get your Pennsylvania DPS driving record at your local PennDOT office. You will need to fill out the Request for Driver Information and provide payment, but that’s all. The main drawback here is that you’re going to have to spend part of the day waiting in line to get your Pennsylvania driver’s record. If you don’t mind waiting, but don’t want to do it in line you can send in your request for your Pennsylvania driver record through the mail. There is an address on the form you need to fill out.

Luckily, there is another option and it’s much faster! Info Tracer is an online service. Fill out the required information online and you can get your Pennsylvania driving record instantly! If you don’t want to go into the office and don’t want to wait for the mail, Info Tracer can get you the information you need in no time flat!

If you have questions about any of the various ways to get your Pennsylvania driver’s record or driving records in any state, we are happy to help you. Our website has information on how to get driving records in any state, so make sure to browse through what we’ve written. No matter how you decide to get your Pennsylvania driving record we have the information you need.