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oregon driving record

Have you ever gotten into an accident while driving up the coast or through the mountains of Oregon? If you have, it’s important to know what your Oregon driver’s record says about this accident. Even if you haven’t been in an accident it’s really important to know what your driving record in Oregon has to say. Your record will list personal information that may not be correct if you have changed your name or moved to a different address. It will also include information about any problems you’ve had while driving.

Knowing what’s on your Oregon driving record is imperative if you are trying to get a job that involves needing your driver’s license. You can bet that any employer is going to want to check your record before they hire you. They will know about any traffic violations you have had including tickets and, of course, any accidents you may have caused. You need to make sure this record is accurate before anyone else sees it.


Types of Driving Records in Oregon

Your Oregon DPS driving record could include a variety of information, depending on which Oregon driver record you actually order. Which driving record you need will depend on what you need it for. While most Oregon driver’s records are pretty self-explanatory, if you are ordering the record for someone else you should make sure you know which Oregon DPS driving record you’ll need.


Non-Employment Oregon Driver Record

This Oregon driver’s record has three years of driving history. It includes traffic accidents, convictions that aren’t related to your employment driving record, and diversion agreements.

Open-Ended Non-Employment Oregon Driver’s Record

This Oregon DPS driving record is identical to the Non-Employment Oregon driving record. The difference here is that only you or your insurance company can order this driving record in Oregon. In terms of information, the only thing different in this Oregon driving record is that it is not limited to the last three years.

Employment Driving Record

This certified Oregon driver’s record offers the most recent three years of your driving history. The record will include any employment related accidents or convictions, your CDL entries, and any out of state CDL entries.

Certified Court Print

Your certified driving record includes any major convictions, CDL incidents, and alcohol rehab entries dating back 10 years. Convictions for minor offenses will be on your Oregon driver’s record for 5 years. Diversion agreements and any revocations or suspensions will also be added.

Other Oregon driving records are available, but instead of your driving history they focus on specific accidents, license information, and police reports.


Why You Need to Get Your Oregon Driving Record

Your Oregon driver record is an official document that can be used by insurance companies and other organizations to find out about your driving habits. This makes it worth your while to know what’s in your Oregon driver’s record. When insurance companies decide your premiums, one thing that helps them are the details in your Oregon DPS driving record. Employers can decide whether or not you’re right for the job based on your Oregon driving record, too. Checking your Oregon driver’s record is easy and worth it so that you can correct any mistakes, if needed.

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How to Get Your Driving Record in Oregon

You can request your Oregon DPS driving record in person at an area DMV office. Not all offices process Oregon driving record requests, so you might want to call ahead. If your area office does not process driving record requests, you may need to visit the DMV in Salem if you want to go in person. You’ll need identification, an Order your Own Record – Form 735-7266, and payment for the Oregon driver’s record.

Mailing your request is also an option. You’ll need to mail in the same form or a written request that explains the Oregon driver record you want and information about the driver. Payment will also be required. You can send it all to:

Oregon DMV
Attn: Record Services
1905 Lana Ave NE
Salem, OR 97314

You can either request that your Oregon driving record be sent to you or you can arrange to have it picked up at the DMV. A faster option than both of these two put together would be Info Tracer. The great thing about Info Tracer is that you can order your Oregon driving record in your pajamas or from your mobile device while you’re out having lunch. In short, if you have Internet access you can instantly access your Oregon driving record with Info Tracer!

No matter what way you choose to get your Oregon driver’s record, we are here to help. If you have any questions about getting your driving record in Oregon or any other state, reach out and ask. We would love to help you. We not only have information on getting your Oregon driving record, we have information on getting driving records in any state. Check out our website for further details.