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ohio driving record

Ohio is known for its many eclectic locales. From the city landscape of places like Cleveland and Cincinnati to the serenity of Amish country, there are plenty of places where you might have a potential car accident. You may not be expecting to get a ticket in a small Ohio town, but that ticket could find its way onto your Ohio driver’s record. It’s not just accidents or tickets though. If you have any type of traffic violation, you can expect it to be on your state driving record.

You will definitely want to check your driving record in Ohio if you are considering doing work that involves driving. Potential employers will need your Ohio driving record before they decide whether or not the hire you. Insurance companies also use your Ohio driver’s record to set the rate you will pay for your insurance. Making sure this and the personal information that is available on your state driving record is a wise thing to do.


Types of Driving Records in Ohio

An Ohio DPS driving record is kind of like a credit report. The record offers your driving history in Ohio. Your driving record in Ohio will include license points, details on moving violations, accidents when you were driving, and accidents where your car was involved but you were not driving.

There are two Ohio driver records you can order. The certified Ohio driver’s record contains the last three years of your driving history. The unofficial online Ohio driver record covers the previous two years of your history.


Why You Need to Get Your Ohio Driving Record

Do you know what’s in your Ohio driver record? This record will offer a history of your accidents, moving violations, and points in Ohio. One great reason to check your Ohio DPS driving record is that it ensures that everything is correct. It also helps you prevent identity theft. While you can’t stop people from trying to steal your identity, knowing what’s in your Ohio driver’s record can help you to quickly spot issues and have them corrected.

Need to take defensive driving to drop something off your driving record? Check out our guide to the best online traffic school services available.


How to Get Your Driving Record in Ohio

You can order your Ohio driver’s record in person, online, or through the mail. Any Ohio BMV can provide you with the forms you need to get your Ohio DPS driving record. You will wait in a line, but if you’ve got the time this is an easy way to get a copy of your driving record in Ohio. If you’re requesting your Ohio driver record through the mail, you’ll need to send in form BMV 1173 – OBMV Record Request. The form and check or money order can be mailed to the address on the form.

Your other option is to order your Ohio driver record through an online service. Info Tracer is one option that you can use if you want to get your Ohio DPS driving record quickly and without a lot of fuss. Each option will get you a copy of your driving record in Ohio, but if you want it fast and without leaving your living room, Info Tracer is the right option for you!

Info Tracer takes the work out of having to go in person to get your Ohio driver’s record. If you need any help getting state driver records in any other state beyond Ohio, our website has information on how to help you do this. We are happy to help you with any questions you have about finding your Ohio driving record or driving records in any state. Just ask!