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north dakota driving record

You may think a state like North Dakota is not a place where a lot of accidents happen but having that much room to drive can be a liability. Do you have traffic violations including tickets for points on your license? All of these things will be listed on your North Dakota driving record. This is why it’s essential to make sure your driving record is as accurate as possible. You never know who’s going to want to request your North Dakota driver’s record.

Government officials including judges and lawyers may need to look at your North Dakota driving record. Insurance companies will definitely be looking at it, and if you are going for a job that involves driving, any potential employer is going to have to have access to your driving record, as well. You also want to make certain that your personal information is accurate and up-to-date on your North Dakota driver’s record.


Types of Driving Records in North Dakota

Your North Dakota DPS driving record is also known as a driver abstract. Each North Dakota driver’s record includes information about your driving history. It will include accidents, traffic tickets, license points, convictions, license suspensions, and any commercial driver information if you have any.


Online North Dakota Driver Record

This abstract offers a limited, online view of your driving record in North Dakota. This online record will not show any information over three-years old or any tickets that brought less than 3 points. Crash details will not be included either.

Complete North Dakota Driver’s Record

This driving abstract includes your entire driving history in North Dakota. This includes all of the things not included in your online driving abstract that were listed above.


Why You Need to Get Your North Dakota Driving Record

Government agencies, employers, and insurance companies all have the ability to request your North Dakota DPS driving record. What they find can help them determine whether you should get the job or how much your insurance should be costing you. Your North Dakota driver’s record can be used in court to determine how responsible you are as a driver. In short, your North Dakota driver record can be used in a lot of important situations. As such, it makes sense to check it out once in a while.

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How to Get Your Driving Record in North Dakota

If you want to order your North Dakota driver’s record you can do that through the mail, in-person at your main DOT office or you can save some time and order your North Dakota driver record online. You can also fax your Request for Driver Abstract to (701) 328-2435. If you want to get your North Dakota DPS driving record in-person, you’ll need to visit a DOT office. You’ll fill out some paperwork and after waiting in line for a bit you’ll be able to get your North Dakota driver’s record. If you want to mail in your request, you can send it to the Bismarck DOT office at:

608 E. Boulevard Ave
Bismarck, ND 58505

A faster, more convenient way to get your North Dakota driver’s record is with Info Tracer. This is an online service that gives you access to your North Dakota driving record minutes after you request it. Just fill out some basic details on the Info Tracer website and you’ll have your North Dakota driving record immediately!

Info Tracer is a way to more efficiently and quickly get your North Dakota driving record. Whether you want a driving record in North Dakota or any of the other 49 states, we have that information on how to do so available on our website. Make sure your browse around to see how you can get your state driving record no matter where you live. As always, we are here to help, so if you have questions let us know!