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new york driving record

The bustle of the city, the quiet serenity of upstate – no matter where you are in New York you may need to know what your New York driving record has to say about you. The city is full of opportunities to get traffic tickets, in accidents, or have other traffic violations placed on your New York driver’s record. This could make it hard for you to get a job with a potential employer where driving is a prerequisite. it could also raise your insurance rates exponentially.

Usually your New York driver’s record will be correct, but occasionally mistakes happen. You will want to verify that your driving record in New York is accurate. You’ll want to make sure any personal information such as your phone number, your address, and even your name are correct. You don’t want anyone to make any type of assumptions about your driving history based on inaccurate information.


Types of Driving Records in New York

The most important part of ordering your New York DPS driving record is knowing which one you should order. Each record includes your license number and status (valid, suspended, etc.), details on moving violations including fines, accidents, and any classifications or endorsements you have.


Certified Abstract

This New York driver record contains your name, birth date, and mailing address. Your driving history for the past three years is included with any infractions or moving violations. The previous 15 years of any applicable drug or alcohol related offenses are listed in your New York driver’s record, also.

Masked Driving Record Abstract

This record is one that you’d request for another person. It provides their New York driver record without any of the personal information that might be on the standard abstract. This New York DPS driving record will include license class, restrictions or suspensions, accident history, and moving violation convictions.

There are other New York driving records such as the title abstract or the registration abstract, but these are more related to the vehicle and less to a person and their driving history.


Why You Need to Get Your New York Driving Record

Driving on packed roads can make it difficult to get anywhere safely. It also ups your chance for dealing with accidents. Your New York DPS driving record will provide details of basic moving violations to accidents. This information is then taken by insurance agencies to create an insurance premium for you or by employers who are deciding whether or not you’re right for their job. Knowing what is on your New York driver record ensures that any mistakes are quickly corrected. This means that you won’t have to deal with higher insurance rates or other pleasantries for nothing.

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How to Get Your Driving Record in New York

When it’s time to order your New York DPS driving record you can do so in-person. You can also get your record on the phone, through the mail, or online. We recommend Info Tracer. This online option will allow you easy and quick access to your New York driving record. Best of all, you’ll have your record in minutes and won’t even have to leave your house to get it!

If you want to get your New York driver record in-person, be prepared to spend a few hours at the DMV. Unless you get lucky, New York is one state with notoriously long wait times. Still, once you’re ready to be seen you’ll need Form MV-15C (your Request for Driving Record Information) filled out. You’ll also need proof of identification. Once you’ve provided that and paid you’ll be able to get your New York driver record. Depending on the DMV, you may have to wait to have your New York driving record mailed to you.

You can mail your information to the address that is listed on the form. Of course, this still leaves you with a wait time to get your New York driver’s record. You can also call the DMV to get details on having your New York driving record mailed to you. The only sure way to not end up waiting for your driving record in New York is to order it online. Info Tracer makes the transaction simple and quick, so you can go about the rest of the day once you’ve ordered your New York driving record.

It doesn’t matter whether you decide to go in person or whether you decide to give Info Tracer a chance. We’re here to help you find the easiest way for you to get your driving record. That being said, even if you are not looking for a driving record in New York, we can help you find your driving record in any state in the country! Check our website for further details on how to find your state driving record, no matter where you live.