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new mexico driving record

The deserts of New Mexico ensure there are long stretches of road ahead. This is a great way to explore out West and all the beauty of nature it holds. However, if you’re not careful you might have points and other traffic violations listed on your New Mexico driving record. Your state driver’s record will include information on some or all of the infractions you have accumulated throughout your driving history. You will want to make sure this information is accurate.

You will also want to make sure that your New Mexico driver’s record has up-to-date information on personal info about you. If you’ve changed your name or address that information might not be accurate on your driving record in New Mexico. You will need this information to be correct before insurance adjusters and potential employers take a look at what your New Mexico driving record has to say.


Types of Driving Records in New Mexico

If you order a New Mexico driver’s record it will include a variety of details from your New Mexico driving history. Your record will list any moving violations, license points, and DWI details, if applicable. If you’ve received traffic tickets or a suspended license that will be listed, too. Accidents and other driving infractions will also be listed.

Other states may offer multiple records, but there is one main New Mexico DPS driving record. You can choose from an unofficial copy, which is used for personal use or an official copy of your New Mexico driver record. The official copy comes certified and is good for employment background checks, insurance, and court purposes. Each New Mexico driver’s record goes back through your driving history for the last three years.


Why You Need to Get Your New Mexico Driving Record

The best reason for getting your New Mexico DPS driving record is to know what’s in it and to ensure that it’s all correct. Considering the fact that insurance companies will base your payments off of the information in your New Mexico driver’s record, it’s worth it to make sure everything is right. Government agencies and employers can also request your driving record in New Mexico. It’s a good rule of thumb to check your New Mexico driving record on occasion for these reasons.

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How to Get Your Driving Record in New Mexico

Unlike in other states, it is not possible to order your New Mexico DPS driving record through the mail. However, you can order a driving record in-person, on the phone, via fax, or online through Info Tracer! If you want to order your New Mexico driver record on the phone, you’ll just need to call the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (888) 683-4636. You can also send a fax requesting your New Mexico driver’s record. In order to fax your request, you’ll need to send a completed copy of Form MVD-11260 – Confidential Records Release to (505) 827-2792. Your request should also include your name and phone number. Once received, your New Mexico driver record will be sent to you by mail.

You can visit your local MVD office and return the form in-person. This option really is going to depend on how much time you have and how much of it you want to spend waiting in line. If you’re a patient person, this is a good option. If you’re not, just visit Info Tracer and you’ll have your New Mexico driving record in moments. Just put in your details and you’ll have access to your New Mexico driver’s record in the quickest time possible.

Info Tracer is there to make finding your driving record in New Mexico as simple and efficient as possible. If you’re looking for a driving record in another location around the country you’re in luck. We’ve written about how to find your driving record no matter where you live, so check out the rest of our website for further details. If you have any questions about any of this feel free to drop us a line.