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new jersey driving record

Whether you are driving through the suburbs into the city or along the Jersey coast, you will need to make sure you know what your New Jersey driver’s record says about you. Have you ever been in an accident? What if your driver’s report says you have? Knowing what your New Jersey driving record has to say about your driving can influence everything from whether you get to keep your license, what your insurance costs are, and even whether you can work in a field where driving is essential.

There is personal information on your driving record including your name, phone number, and your address. If any of this information has changed it needs to be updated if it is not correct. You also want to be aware of what it says about any traffic violations you might have, the accidents you might have been in, or any points on your New Jersey driver’s record. You don’t want your (hopefully) future boss to pick another person for the job because your driving record in New Jersey is inaccurate.


Types of Driving Records in New Jersey

Your New Jersey DPS driving record contains details about your driving history. New Jersey has three specific record options if you need a driving record in New Jersey. The details in the record will depend on why you need the copy of your New Jersey driver record.


Non-certified New Jersey DPS driving record

This record is an online copy of your driving record, offered by the New Jersey DMV. This record will not be accepted by anyone in any official capacity including insurance agencies.

Certified New Jersey driver record – 5-year

The 5-year New Jersey driver’s record is the one most commonly used by insurance companies and employers that need background checks. It includes license points, moving violations, accidents, and other potentially negative points in your driving history for the previous five years.

Certified Complete New Jersey DPS driving record

This is similar to the record above, but it’s a complete history. If you ever need your New Jersey driver’s record for court, this is the one they would request.


Why You Need to Get Your New Jersey Driving Record

If you’re a driver, you need to know what’s in your New Jersey DPS driving record. It may seem unnecessary, but this offers a history of your driving ability. Mistakes in your New Jersey driver’s record could mean that you miss out on that job opportunity. It can also mean paying higher insurance premiums. Knowing what’s on your New Jersey driver record also helps you to spot problems with identity theft. The more familiar you are with your New Jersey driver’s record, the less chance that incorrect details will plague your record.

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How to Get Your Driving Record in New Jersey

You can order your New Jersey driver record in a number of different ways. The most common ways are to request your New Jersey driving record through the mail or in-person at your local DMV. Of course, if you want to save time, you can order your New Jersey driving record online through Info Tracer right now!

To order your record through the mail you will need to fill out Form DO-21 – Application for Driver History Abstract. You will mail that with a copy of your license and a check or money order to:

NJ Motor Vehicle Commission
Abstract Unit
225 East State Street
P.O. Box 142
Trenton, New Jersey 08666

You will need the same form at the local DMV, if you choose to request your New Jersey driving record in person. After what could be a lengthy wait in line, you’ll provide the form and a photo ID, and once you’ve paid you’ll be given a copy of your New Jersey driver’s record.

Of course, why wait in line if you can get your New Jersey driving record right now? Info Tracer is a service that allows you access to your New Jersey driving record without having to leave your house. You’ll just give them some basic information, choose the state you want your driving record from, and in minutes you’ll have your record. If you want a fast and simple way to get your New Jersey driving record, Info Tracer is the option for you.

We know all the ways you can get your New Jersey driving record quickly and efficiently. If you need a state driving record in any other state other than New Jersey, we can also help with that. Take a look at our website to check out how you can get a driving record in any state. We are here to help!