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new hampshire driving record

On your quest to enjoy the fresh mountain air in the mountains and forests around New Hampshire, you may have made mistakes while driving. It’s good to know what is on your New Hampshire driver’s record for this reason. Points, traffic violations such as traffic tickets, and accidents are just a few of the different things that can be listed on your driving record in New Hampshire.

If you are trying to renegotiate your insurance premiums, what’s on your driver’s record in New Hampshire will affect those rates. If there is incorrect information, you need to correct it, and that includes personal information like your name, address, and telephone number. Government officials including lawyers and judges may need your state driver’s record, and so will potential employers, if your job includes driving. Luckily, getting your New Hampshire driver’s record doesn’t have to be difficult.


Types of Driving Records in New Hampshire

Each New Hampshire DPS driving record will vary slightly based on what you order. You can expect whichever driving record in New Hampshire you order to include a mix of personal and driving-related information going back a certain amount of time. You can choose between certified and non-certified copies of your New Hampshire driving record, depending on what your needs are. Each record includes details on demerits, points, convictions, moving violations, citations, and more about your driving history. Personal information in your New Hampshire driver’s records includes your address, New Hampshire ID number, insurance filing, and details about any safe driver courses you may have taken, if you’ve completed them.

The following three New Hampshire driver’s records are available.


Insurance driver record

This New Hampshire driver record is for insurance companies. It only includes details of your moving violations and accidents. The report will include the last five years of convictions in court and the last three years of accidents.

Certified driver record

Your certified New Hampshire driver’s record includes the past 7-years of court convictions, 10-years of DWI convictions, and 5-years of accidents. It is stamped “Certified – True & Correct” and signed.

Non-Certified driver record

The only difference between the certified and non-certified New Hampshire driver’s record is that the non-certified copy does not come signed or stamped. In other words, the DMV takes no responsibility for mistakes or errors in a non-certified New Hampshire driving record.


Why You Need to Get Your New Hampshire Driving Record

Have you ever wondered why your insurance premiums or so high? Were you passed up on that new job and you don’t know why? It could be because of what’s in your New Hampshire DPS driving record. Insurance companies will base your payment on the details of your driving record in New Hampshire. Government agencies can also request your New Hampshire driver record. It pays to keep an eye on your New Hampshire driver’s record from time to time to make sure things are accurate and that nothing needs to be corrected in your record.

Need to take defensive driving to drop something off your driving record? Check out our guide to online traffic schools.


How to Get Your Driving Record in New Hampshire

Two of the most common ways to get your New Hampshire driver record is going to be to going to your area DMV or to order your record by mail. If you go in person, you can expect long wait times. DMVs are notorious for having long lines. However, once you’re at the front you’ll turn in your Release of Motor Vehicle Records form DSMV 505 and your payment to get your New Hampshire driving record. If you want to mail in your request, you can send the information to:

NH Department of Safety
DMV – FR Driving Records
23 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03305

A third option to get your New Hampshire driving record is to use a web service to get your New Hampshire driving record instantly! Info Tracer provides fast service and no wait times. Just fill out some basic information. As soon as you’re done, and paid you’ll have your New Hampshire driving record! It couldn’t be a simpler process!

We’ve tried to make information about how to get your New Hampshire driver’s record as simple as possible. If you’re looking for a driving record in another state, we have all the details on our website. If you need any help or have questions let us know! We are happy to help you!