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nevada driving record

If you’re driving through the long stretches of road in the desert or the busy Las Vegas strip, you may accumulate some problems on your Nevada driving record. Even if you don’t, you still should know about what is on your Nevada driver’s record. Your state driver’s record will include all kinds of information about you and your driving history. If it’s inaccurate it can have a devastating effect on a variety of aspects of your life.

Your Nevada driving record lists your personal information as well as information on things like points on your record, accidents you might have caused, traffic tickets, and other violations. If you have committed no violations, and your record says you have, you will need to get that fixed ASAP. This gives you the time to fix your record before your insurance company, potential boss, or a government employee accesses your Nevada driver’s record for themselves.


Types of Driving Records in Nevada

You can request a copy of your Nevada DPS driving record from the DMV. This is a driving history of your time as a licensed Nevada driver. Ultimately, what’s in your Nevada driver’s record will depend on which driving record in Nevada that you order.


3-year Nevada Driver Record

Your 3-year Nevada driver’s record includes all details pertaining to any driving convictions whether in Nevada or another state. It also includes any car accidents or demerit points on your license. Your 3-year Nevada driver record does not include any details about license suspensions or revocations.

10-Year Nevada Driver’s Record

The 10-year driving record in Nevada includes everything that the 3-year record contains, along with additional driving history. It will include license suspensions, cancelations, revocations, and denials.


Why You Need to Get Your Nevada Driving Record

Your driving record in Nevada is filled with information that can affect other areas of your life beyond your time on the road. A Nevada driver’s record will be used to determine the rate of your insurance payments. As insurance companies will go based on your driving history, your Nevada DPS driving record will play a big part in your premiums. Employers may also need to access your Nevada driver record and what they find might affect whether you get a job or promotion. Government agencies can also request your driving record in Nevada as needed.

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How to Get Your Driving Record in Nevada

Each Nevada driving record can be requested as a certified record. However, if you wish to order a certified Nevada driver record it needs to be requested through the mail. You can also request uncertified copies through the mail, if you wish. To do so you’ll need to complete form IR002 the Application for Individual Record Information. You send this form with a check or money order to:

DMV Records Section
555 Wright Way
Carson City, NV 89711

Keep in mind an additional certification fee may apply.

If you’re requesting your own Nevada driving record you can also go to any self-serve kiosk or you can visit the DMV. You’ll only need your license and to pay the associated fee. Your biggest obstacle in obtaining your Nevada driving record in person will be wait times. No one likes waiting in line. If you feel that you have better things to do you’ll be thrilled to know you can also order your Nevada driving record online.

Info Tracer is a well-known, respected service that allows you to order your Nevada driving record without leaving your home. After you’ve picked Nevada, you just add some information and you’ll be on your way to getting your Nevada driving record in no time! It couldn’t be easier to order your Nevada driver record through Info Tracer!

It’s up to you to decide how you want to get your driving record in Nevada, but if you have limited time to wait, Info Tracer is your best bet. If you have any questions about this service or any of the other ways there are to get your Nevada driving record, feel free to reach out and we will answer all of your questions. If you need help getting your DPS driving record in any state, check out our website for further information!