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nebraska driving record

You may think Nebraska doesn’t have very much but fields full of crops, especially corn, but even amongst the cornfields driving isn’t always easy. We recommend that you get your Nebraska driving record to check out how accurate it is. Have you been in an accident? Do you have traffic violations? Do you have points on your driving record against you? All of these questions can be answered when you receive a copy of your Nebraska driver’s record.

Beyond information on your driving history, your Nebraska driving record will include private information about you that needs to be accurate. Potential employers, lawyers, other government officials, and even your insurance company for your vehicle are going to want to check your Nebraska driver’s record, at some point. You need to be ready for what they are going to find.


Types of Driving Records in Nebraska

Your driving record in Nebraska is prepared and maintained by the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles. There are several options for driving records in Nebraska, including one for people out of state that need their Nebraska DPS driving record to get a license in another state. No matter which Nebraska driver record you choose, the information will be similar. It will include personal information such as:

  • Name
  • Birth date
  • Address and County
  • Physical Description

Your Nebraska driver’s record will also include a history of your time on the roads in Nebraska. This information includes:

  • License class
  • License endorsements
  • Moving violations
  • Points on your license
  • Accidents and convictions
  • Suspensions, restrictions, and revocations
  • License status

Each Nebraska driver record contains this information. The main difference is with how far back they go in your driving history.


5-year Nebraska DPS Driving Record

As the name suggests, this Nebraska driving record goes back for the last five years. If you’re a newer driver this will include your whole history. Otherwise, only the last five years of your driving history will be available in this particular Nebraska driver’s record.

Complete Nebraska Driver Record

This has your complete driving history in Nebraska. The information is ultimately the same as you’ll find in the 5-year record. It just goes back to the start of your driving history rather than only showing the most recent years.

Clearance Letter

This Nebraska driving record allows former Nebraska residents access to their driving record so that they can apply for a license in another state.


Why You Need to Get Your Nebraska Driving Record

Your Nebraska driver’s record is an official record about your driving history in Nebraska. Like your credit report or other official documents, it’s worth it to know what’s in your record. In most cases, your Nebraska DPS driving record will be accurate. However, mistakes happen and requesting your Nebraska driving record on occasion ensures that your driving record in Nebraska is free of issues. Keeping track of your Nebraska driver’s record means that when others see your record they see the information they are meant to see.

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How to Get Your Driving Record in Nebraska

The most common way to order your Nebraska driving record is in person at your local DMV. If you go this route, you’ll fill out an application for a copy of your driving record. You’ll also need to provide proof of identity. After all that you’ll receive a copy of your Nebraska driver’s record. That said, the main complaint of most DMVs is that it takes all day to get through the line. If that’s something you don’t want to deal with there are other options.

You could mail in your form (it needs to be notarized if mailing) along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope, and payment. The address is located on the form you’ll be sending in. The upside is that you’re not going to get stuck waiting in line. Of course, you’ll still be waiting as it can take a while before your mailman delivers your Nebraska driver’s record.

If you need a Clearance Letter you’ll need to request that by written request in the mail. In your request you’ll need your name, birth date, license or social security number, new mailing address, and your payment. Make sure to send the stamped, self-addressed envelope so that they send your letter as requested. You can mail your request to:

Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles
Driver and Vehicle Records Division
ATTN: Clearance Desk
PO Box 94789
Lincoln, NE 68509-4789

If you’re not very patient when it comes to waiting for things, you could always use Info Tracer. We recommend Info Tracer because it will get you the Nebraska driving record you need within minutes. You’ll fill out some information and after a few clicks of a button you’ll have the access to the Nebraska driving record you need. Best of all, no waiting in lines!

There are clearly multiple ways to get your Nebraska driving record, however only one of them will get you your record right away, and that is Info Tracer. If you have any questions about this process, feel free to ask and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We also have information on how to get driving records in a variety of states beyond Nebraska, so make sure to browse our website for the state you need!