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montana driving record

Montana is big sky country, and it’s known for its long empty roads. That still does not make it impossible for you to get in any type of car accident. If you have any points on your record, traffic violations, or even accidents you may find that they are listed on your Montana driving record. It’s imperative to know what’s on your driving record because you may just be able to negotiate a lower insurance premium!

Insurance companies are not the only ones looking up your Montana driver’s record. If you are applying for a job where you will need to drive any type of vehicle, your prospective boss will probably want to have a decent idea of what your Montana driving record says. You need to make sure any personal information on the record, plus an information on any problems on your state driving record are accurate and correct. You may lose out on an important job offer otherwise!


Types of Driving Records in Montana

Unlike in other states, there is only one Montana DPS driving record that details your driving history. This Montana driver record spans your entire driving history in Montana. So, your Montana driver’s record starts the moment you get a license and goes from there. Along with some basic personal information, your Montana driver record will include information about your license including the status. For example, it will include any revocations or suspensions. Your Montana DPS driving record will also include accident history, tickets, convictions, license points, and any actions that have been put against your license.

Points will only remain on your Montana driving record for up to three years. However, even though those are removed from your current driving record in Montana, all convictions will be on there for the life of your record.


Why You Need to Get Your Montana Driving Record

Have you ever had an accident or gotten points on your license only to later clean up your act on the road? These moving violations will be on your Montana DPS driving record forever. That said, it also tells when the violations happened, which could show you’re a more responsible driver now than you used to be. The average driving record in Montana includes everything you’ve done since you received your Montana license. Checking your driver’s record from time to time ensures that everything is correct and that anything incorrect has a chance to be corrected.

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How to Get Your Driving Record in Montana

It’s simple to get a copy of your driving record in Montana. How simple tends to depend on which method you’d like to use to order your record. For example, you can order your Montana driving record in-person. However, in order to do that you need to be in Helena, MT at this address:

Scott Hart Building, Second Floor
302 N. Roberts
Helena, MT 59601

After waiting in line you’ll need to submit Form 34-0100, your Release of Driving Records. The form also needs to be notarized. After all that, you’ll show proof of identity, pay, and receive your Montana driving record. If you don’t mind the wait but would like something easier or closer to home, you can mail in your request for your driving record in Montana. You’ll still need the notarized form and other information along with a stamped self-addressed envelope. Make sure to include your check, as well. Your request can be sent to:

Motor Vehicle Division
P.O. Box 201430
Helena, MT 59620

Obviously, this will take longer than in-person, but if you’re not in Helena or don’t mind waiting, it’s another way that you can get your Montana driving record.

If waiting isn’t your thing there is another option. Info Tracer is a web service that’s going to allow you to get your Montana driving record from your living room! Just visit Info Tracer, fill out some general details, and you’ll be accessing your Montana driving record in minutes! This is definitely the most convenient option. It allows you to get instant access to your Montana driving record! That means you won’t be stuck waiting in line or by the mailbox!

Receiving a copy of your Montana driving record does not have to be difficult. Info Tracer can make the experience much easier. You may be looking for your state driving record in any other state beyond Montana, and we can help you with that search. Our website has articles on how you can access more state driver’s record in any state. As always, if you have questions we are here to help, and will answer you soon!