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mississippi driving record

There’s nothing like traveling along the Gulf Coast, and through the bayous of Mississippi. The rugged terrain can make for a bumpy ride, and accidents will occasionally happen. If you have any traffic violations or points on your license, especially if you have an accident, it will be listed on your Mississippi driving record. You can gain access to your record to find out all of what is listed. There are reasons you might want to check your state driving record.

If you should not have points on your record, it’s good to verify a mistake has not been made on your record. It’s also great to make sure your contact information, such as your phone number and your address are correct. If your name has changed in any way, it’s good to know if your name is listed correctly, as well. This is especially helpful if you are trying to get a job where you will need to drive, or to renegotiate insurance costs. You should not be paying more than you must for insurance and checking out your Mississippi driver’s record can help you with that.


Types of Driving Records in Mississippi

The Department of Public Safety is responsible for maintaining your Mississippi DPS driving record. A driving record in Mississippi can be requested for personal use, but also for official use by insurance companies, employers, and government agencies. There are two Mississippi driver’s records available.


Non-Certified Mississippi DPS Driving Record

The non-certified motor vehicle record is only available for personal use and can only be requested online.

Certified Mississippi Driver Record

This certified copy of your driving record is an official look at your record, though the details are the same as what you’ll find in the non-certified Mississippi driving record. You can request this driving record in-person or through the mail.

Your Mississippi driver’s record includes details on your license status, any moving violations, and any convictions.


Why You Need to Get Your Mississippi Driving Record

Your Mississippi DPS driving record is sort of like a report card for the road. The goal is to show people how responsible your driving habits are. This could be one reason why insurance companies base your premiums off what they find in your Mississippi driver’s record. Occasionally, employers will look up your driving record in Mississippi, too. If there are a lot of negative marks, you might not get that job you’ve been hoping to get. Understanding what is in your Mississippi driver record ensures that you don’t get stuck dealing with surprises due to an incorrect driving record.

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How to Get Your Driving Record in Mississippi

If you’re in need of a certified Mississippi driver record, you’ll need to go down to your local DMV. You’ll need to fill out Form DPPA-2 or DPPA-3, depending on whether the Mississippi driver record that you’re requesting is your own. After the mandatory DMV waiting-in-line period someone will be able to help you get your Mississippi DPS driving record. If waiting in line doesn’t bother you but you’d rather mail it in, you can do that, too. If you want to mail in a request for your Mississippi driving record there is a mailing address on the form where you can send it.

Of course, there is a more immediate option if you’d prefer not to leave your house. Info Tracer is an online service that can help you get your Mississippi DPS driving record. After some details about the driver, you’ll make a payment and have instant access to the Mississippi driver record you need. Info Tracer is your best option if you want your record instantly!

It doesn’t matter what way you decide to get your state driving record. We are here to help. That’s why we have also written about how you can get your state driver’s record in every state. Just look for the state where you have a driver’s record and read about how to get it. If you have any questions let us know how we can help!