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The beauty of the Midwest is felt throughout the beautiful state of Minnesota! Driving through the forests and around the many lakes can be an amazing experience, but it also comes with a little bit of danger in the form of potential accidents that may be listed in your Minnesota driving report. Even if you did not have an accident, you may have an accident listed on your report. Accidents can also happen in places on your driving record, so it’s best to find out if the information is up-to-date and accurate!

Your Minnesota driver’s record will list your name, address, and phone number. This is an area that might not be correct, especially if you have moved recently or changed your phone number. You will want it to be accurate especially if you know your Minnesota driver’s record will be seen by insurance providers or potential bosses for employment opportunities that involve driving.


Types of Driving Records in Minnesota

The Minnesota driver’s record you need will depend on how far in your driving history you’d like to go back and whether or not you need a certified copy. Certified driving records in Minnesota offer a look at your complete history as a driver in Minnesota. Non-certified Minnesota driver records only show convictions over the past five years.


Each Minnesota DPS driving record includes details on:

  • Accidents
  • Moving violations
  • License suspensions & revocations
  • License cancellations
  • Convictions
  • Physical Description
  • Outstanding fees/fines


Why You Need to Get Your Minnesota Driving Record

Your Minnesota DPS driving record is a clear look at how you behave as a driver. From speeding tickets to accidents, if it happens on the road it will be in your Minnesota driver’s record. This record will then be used by your employers to determine how you behave behind the wheel. If you’re on the road a lot during working hours, a bad Minnesota driver’s record could mean not getting the job. Insurance companies base your premiums on what they find in your Minnesota driver’s record. Checking your Minnesota driving record can help you track any mistakes that need corrected.

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How to Get Your Driving Record in Minnesota

One way to get your Minnesota DPS driving record is to go down to your local DMV and get it in-person. You’ll need a complete DVS Form PS2502 (Records Request). This request needs to include the driver’s information, your mailing address, and why you are requesting the record. The main problem here is the time you’re going to be stuck waiting in line. While some DMV’s are known for getting through the line quickly, most aren’t. If it’s a pressing matter that you’d prefer to do in person though, this is the option for you.

You can also fill out the form and cut a check and send it to:

Driver and Vehicle Services
Records Unit
445 Minnesota St, Suite 161
St Paul, MN 55101

This is also going to require a bit of wait time, as your Minnesota driving record will be delivered in the mail.

Finally, there’s Info Tracer. We tend to recommend Info Tracer for those looking for immediate results. Once you’ve picked your state and filled out some basic information and paid your fee, you’ll have access to your Minnesota driving record. If you want to have access to your Minnesota DPS driving record in minutes, this is the option for you!

Info Tracer aims to make your experience getting your Minnesota driving license as painless as possible! No matter what way you get your state driving license we are here to help, so feel free to ask any questions you might have! If you are looking for information on how to find a driving record in any other state we have information on those states, as well!