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michigan driving record

Michigan is known for its many beautiful lakes and different terrains, from the sand dunes along the Great Lakes to the forests and ski areas as you head towards the UP. With so many different kinds of environments, you are bound to have a potential car accident or traffic violation. That is where having access to your Michigan driving record becomes important. You can find out whether the information on your Michigan driver’s record is accurate.

If you have ever been in an accident, then it will be on your Michigan driving record (get yours here). Not only will it include information about any traffic violations or accidents you may have been in, it will also list personal information. You will want to make sure your address and phone number are correct, as well as the spelling of your name. You also may want to make sure you don’t have any violations that do not belong to you. Mistakes happen sometimes, and identities can be stolen. You will want to get your record corrected before you apply for a job where your Michigan driver’s record will need to be checked or to potentially get a better rate on your insurance.


Types of Driving Records in Michigan

Your driving record in Michigan is maintained by the Department of State (DOS). There are two types of Michigan driver’s records. Each record includes moving violations convictions, license points, accidents where you’ve received a conviction, revocations, suspensions, DUI violations, and any civil violation tickets. While license points will be removed from your Michigan DPS driving record after two years, DUI convictions are permanent. The other violations will stay or go based on the length of time associated with their violation.


Certified Michigan Driving Record

As it states, this is the Michigan driver’s record that would be requested for an official reason. For example, employers and courts would be likely to request your certified Michigan driver record.

Unofficial Michigan Driver’s Record

This is technically the same driving record in Michigan as the certified record. The information is the same, but this is more for personal use as it is not certified by the state.


Why You Need to Get Your Michigan Driving Record

Why pay more for your insurance if you don’t have to? That’s what could happen if you don’t know what’s in your Michigan DPS driving record. Insurance companies look to your driving record in Michigan to figure out what your premiums should be. A mistake in your Michigan driver’s record could mean that you pay more for your insurance than you’ll need to. If you’re trying to get a job and your Michigan driver record has a blemish in it, you might not get that job. It’s easy to correct mistakes in your Michigan DPS driving record. You just have to know they are there in order to correct them!

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How to Get Your Driving Record in Michigan

You can order your Michigan driver’s record in-person, through the mail or fax, or online with Info Tracer! There are positives and negatives to each of these options. For example, it may seem simple to just hop in the car and drive to your local DOS. However, the amount of time you wait in line might make you regret choosing to get your Michigan driving record in person.

If you don’t mind waiting, but don’t want to do so in line you can send in a Michigan Department of State Form BDVR-153. You’ll need to send a check or money order to the State of Michigan along with your request. You can send for your Michigan driving record to:

Michigan Department of State
Record Lookup Unit
7064 Crowner Drive
Lansing, MI 48918-1502

The downside here is that your request for your Michigan driver record could take two months to process. You can fax in your request form with credit card information to (517) 322-1181. This is an option only if you want the unofficial Michigan driver’s record.

Your final option are services like Info Tracer. The main benefit here is that you will be able to get your Michigan driver record instantly. Info Tracer is an online service that specializes in getting you your Michigan driving record as quickly and easily as possible!

If you need your Michigan driving record, it doesn’t have to be a difficult experience. Info Tracer is a great way to do so without spending a lot of time having to wait for your record! If you need to know how to get your driving record in another state, make sure to check out what we’ve written on all of the other states and their rules for getting your state driver’s record. As always, if you have questions about how to get your state driving record we are here to help!