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maryland driving record

Whether you’re traveling close to DC, on the busy streets of Baltimore, or along those smaller coastal towns, accidents are bound to happen in Maryland. You may need to check out your Maryland driving record. Your driving record will contain sensitive information, such as your personal info like your name and address. You want to make sure that information is correct and accurate. This is especially true if you know you’re going to need your Maryland state driver’s record because a prospective employer will need it.

Employment is just one reason why you might want to know about your Maryland driver’s record. Insurance is another. Your insurance rate most likely is going to be affected by what your state driving record says. If you have any points or penalties on your driving record, especially if the information is inaccurate, you need to know about that and have your record fixed. It’s good to have this information available before you truly need it.


Types of Driving Records in Maryland

When it comes time to order a Maryland DPS driving record, you’ll have three options to choose. Two of them are based on the length of time you want to go back in your Maryland driver record. The other is only available to you and a few others.


3-Year Maryland Driver’s Record

The 3-year drivers record in Maryland will include your license status, suspensions, revocations, car accidents, and any traffic convictions for the last three years.

Complete Maryland DPS Driving Record

This record offers the same things as the 3-year Maryland driver record. The only difference is that this is your complete driving record in Maryland.

Probation before Judgment Record

This Maryland DPS driving record offers your full and complete driving record along with any probations before judgment that occurred in your Maryland driving history. This driving record can only be ordered by government officials, your attorney, or you.

Certified copies are available for all types of Maryland driving records.


Why You Need to Get Your Maryland Driving Record

Have your insurance rates ever gone up and you weren’t sure why? It could be because of what your insurance company found in your Maryland driver’s record. Insurance companies will look at your Maryland DPS driving record to create your premium package. They often check it from time to time, especially if they are made aware of accidents or other driving infractions. If you want to become a professional driver, you can bet that your future employers will request your Maryland driver’s record. As your driving record in Maryland represents your driving history, it’s good to make sure there are no mistakes and that your record looks right. Just like you’d check your credit report to ensure that everything is correct, it’s good to check your Maryland driving record for the same reason.


How to Get Your Driving Record in Maryland

If you want to order a Maryland driver’s record you’ve got two options. Admittedly, one of these ways is more hassle-free than the other, but both ways will get you a copy of your Maryland driver record. The first way is to order your driving record through the Maryland DMV office. After some time waiting in line you’ll need to provide a completed Request for Motor Vehicle Administration Record (DR-057). Payment can be made in cash, by check, or with a credit card.

The other way to getting your Maryland driver record is online. You can order your Maryland driving record through Info Tracer. This popular service requires minimal information and you’ll get your Maryland driving record almost instantly! If speed and convenience are important to you, Info Tracer might be your answer!

Info Tracer makes getting your Maryland state driving record simple! You may be looking for your driver’s record in a state other than Maryland, and we can definitely help you with that. We have information on how to get a state driving record in all 50 states! We are also here to answer the questions you have about getting your state driving record! Feel free to ask us anything!