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louisiana driving record

Driving around the roads that wind through the Louisiana bayou is breathtaking, but also can lead to accidents if you or another driver on the road are not careful. You need to know about any information that may be on your Louisiana driving record, including any accidents that may have happened. Your Louisiana driver’s record will list personal information as well as information about your driver’s history, so you need to know what’s on it.

Finding your Louisiana driving record doesn’t have to be difficult. Your state driving record may be requested by your insurance company to determine how much you will pay. You may be applying for a job that requires you have a good driving record. Your employer will definitely want to check your Louisiana driver’s record, in this case. You’ll want to see what your driver’s record says about your ability to drive. You need to know about any points on your license, and you want to make sure whatever is on your record is accurate.


Types of Driving Records in Louisiana

Your Louisiana DPS driving record is known as an Official Driving Record (ODR). It’s the only driving record in Louisiana that is offered. This is convenient as you don’t have to worry about which Louisiana driving record you need. A driving record in Louisiana contains details on your driving history, moving violations, the status of your license now and in the past, and more. If you’ve had any moving violations or convictions, you’ll find that these will remain on your Louisiana driver record for between three to ten years depending on the severity of the offense.


Why You Need to Get Your Louisiana Driving Record

There are plenty of good reasons to have some idea of what’s in your Louisiana driver’s record. Your driving record in Louisiana is the main thing that insurance companies are going to use to create your insurance premiums. Any mistakes in your Louisiana DPS driving record could end up costing you a significant amount of money! In an age where identity theft happens too often, it makes sense to check your Louisiana driver’s record and other personal records to ensure the accuracy of each document. These are just a few of the reasons that you should know what’s in your driving record in Louisiana.


How to Get Your Driving Record in Louisiana

There is a variety of different ways that you can order your Louisiana driver’s record. If you like doing things in-person you can order your Louisiana DPS driving record at the local Louisiana DMV office. Keep in mind, there are better ways to spend a day besides going to the DMV. It’s possible that you might be at the DMV for more than an hour due to slow lines or other issues. In Louisiana, you can only request your Louisiana driving record in Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Monroe, or Shreveport.

You can also mail in your request for your Louisiana driver record. You’ll need to fill out ODR Request Form – R0800 and send it to:

Office of Motor Vehicles
Attention: ODR
P.O. Box 64886
Baton Rouge, LA 70896

Naturally, mailing in your payment and request for a Louisiana driver record is also going to take quite a long wait. If you’re looking for convenience, you can try Info Tracer. This is a great service that comes highly recommended! You’ll be able to get your Louisiana driver record right from your couch!

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for your state driver’s record in Louisiana or one of the other 50 states. We have that information available. Make sure to check it out. Getting any state driving record is a piece of cake thanks to Info Tracer. It’s convenient, efficient, and easy! If you have questions about getting your Louisiana driving record, feel free to ask! We are here to help you!