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kentucky driving record

Heading down south through the rolling hills of Kentucky can be an amazing journey. The panoramic views are worth the drive, but in the hills especially you have to be careful about how you drive. Accidents can happen to anyone, and that can affect your Kentucky driving record. Your record will include your personal information, but it will also include information about any problems you may have experienced while driving.

Your Kentucky driving record will show any points you may have on your license. It will also show accidents that have happened and any information on tickets you have received. This is important because multiple kinds of businesses may want to access your driving record at some point. This could include a potential employer or it may affect your ability to get insurance. There are many reasons why it is advantageous to know what your state driving record says.


Types of Driving Records in Kentucky

Your Kentucky DPS driving record is available through Kentucky’s Division of Driver Licensing. They give you a couple of different options where your driving record in Kentucky is concerned.


3-Year Kentucky Driver’s Record

The 3-year Kentucky DPS driving record includes your license information and driver status. It also lists any restrictions and traffic violations you’ve had. It does not include details about accidents or personal information. This is the driving record in Kentucky that is given to people and businesses other than you.

5-Year Kentucky Driver Record

This is a personal look at your driving record in Kentucky for the last five years. Third parties won’t be able to order this Kentucky driving record. It will include everything in the 3-year Kentucky driving record plus your personal information.


Why You Need to Get Your Kentucky Driving Record

Your Kentucky DPS driving record will be used by employers that want to see how responsible you are as a driver. What they find in your Kentucky driver record may determine whether or not they want to hire you. While this alone is worth checking out your driving record in Kentucky, it won’t be something that everyone faces. More importantly, insurance companies will read your Kentucky driver’s record to figure out your insurance premiums. Imagine having to pay a higher price because there was a mistake on your record and you didn’t know about it. Checking your Kentucky driving record once in a while ensures that everything in your record is correct.


How to Get Your Driving Record in Kentucky

How you’ll order your Kentucky driver’s record will depend on which record you’re attempting to order. The 3-Year record is available online. The 5-Year record requires a visit to your local Driver Licensing Field Office. Unlike many other states, there is no mail option. In-person visits can be convenient, but that depends on your local DLF office. Some offices will have you waiting in line all day! It really just depends on your local office and how pressing your need for a Kentucky driving record is.

Another way to get your driving record in Kentucky is with Info Tracer! Info Tracer is a web service that allows you to get your driving record in Kentucky and other states! The process is quick and easy. You just add in some basic information and within minutes you’ll have access to your Kentucky driver record!

Whether you need to check your state driving record because of a prospective job or for some other reason, Info Tracer can make it much more convenient! It’s the easiest way to get the driving record you need. You may be looking for your state driver’s record in another state beyond Kentucky. We have information on driving records in states all across the country. Make sure to check out the information we’ve posted on whatever state you need to get your driving record. If you have any questions we are happy to answer them!