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indiana driving record

Various agencies offer records on you in the state where you live. For example, when you’re born there is a record in the state where you are born. If you’re a driver and you live in Indiana, you have an Indiana driving record. The purpose of your driving record in Indiana is to keep track of any moving violations and/or accidents that you’ve had.

This can tell people how responsible you are behind the wheel. This is one of the reasons that your Indiana driver’s record will influence your insurance premiums. That said, not everyone knows how to get their Indiana DPS driving record. If that’s why you’re here, you’re in luck! We’ve got everything you need to know so that you can order your Indiana driver’s record.


Types of Driving Records in Indiana

When it comes to your Indiana driver’s record you’ve got two options. You can view your Indiana DPS driving record online for free. That said, this is just a viewable copy. It is not official and would not be able to be used by insurance companies, employers, or other entities. This copy is more about you being able to see what’s in your Indiana driving record, so you can correct any errors, if needed.

If you need your Indiana driver record for official reasons, you’ll have to order a copy that will come complete with a certification letter. Government agencies, courts, and other entities will be able to use this Indiana driver’s record in an official capacity.

Both versions of your Indiana DPS driving record will include personal details like your address, birthdate, gender, physical description, and even your Social Security Number. Details about your current license, any points, traffic violations, convictions, and restrictions will also be included.


Why You Need to Get Your Indiana Driving Record

Your Indiana driver’s record gives people a clear look at how you behave behind the wheel. If you’re not a responsible driver it will all be printed in black and white for everyone to see. That said, what if you are a responsible driver, but your Indiana driver record says you’re not? Mistakes happen and the only way you’ll be able to correct them is to find out they are there. Likewise, if you’re identity has ever been stolen you might find that has seeped into your Indiana driving record.

Insurance companies will go through your Indiana driver’s record with a fine-tooth comb to determine what you’ll end up paying for insurance. Employers can decide whether or not to hire you based on the details in your Indiana driving record. If they are on the fence about hiring you or someone else and the other person’s Indiana driving record is better, they might get the job. With all of this in mind, it’s worth it to check your Indiana driving record from time to time.


How to Get Your Driving Record in Indiana

If you want to request your Indiana driver’s record in-person, you’ll need to visit a local BMV office. When there, you’ll be asked to fill out form 53789 – the Indiana Request for Driver Records. Make sure to clear the day before you go because BMV trips usually take longer than they should. You can also send the form in through the mail. With this option, you’ll also be stuck waiting for your Indiana driver’s record, but at least you won’t be waiting in line. The process is the same in terms of paperwork. You’ll just mail it off to the address listed on the request form.

A third option allows you to request your Indiana driving record from Info Tracer. You can use this service on your computer, phone, or tablet. This means that your Indiana driving record is accessible to you no matter your location. Just fill out the required information, pay the fee, and you’ll have your record in minutes. Info Tracer is definitely the fastest of the available options!

Info Tracer can help you get your driving record in Indiana. It’s also offered in states all across the country. We have details on how to get your driving record in any state, so just choose the state you need, and you’ll be ready to order your driving record in no time!