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georgia driving record

Georgia is home to both large and congested cities filled with highways and freeways and smaller single-lane road towns. The driving landscape is as diverse as the area topography. With lots of people on the roads there is a chance for accidents. Of course, with no people on the road in those smaller towns, there might be a higher chance to get a speeding ticket. It all depends on your personal driving style. No matter what that style is, your driving history is recorded in your Georgia driving record.

It’s important to know what’s in your record so you can correct anything that is incorrect. Mistakes happen, but it’s important to make sure your Georgia DPS driving record is correct because if it’s not you could be paying higher insurance rates. The better your Georgia driver’s record, the better chance you have of getting lower insurance premiums for being a safe driver.


Types of Driving Records in Georgia

Georgia driving records are simple to choose between. That’s because there are only two options for driving records in Georgia. You can choose between the Non-certified motor vehicle record or the certified MVR. The main difference is that you’re going to require a certified Georgia driving record if you want to submit it to a requesting court or law agency, insurance company, or employer. In order to get the certified driving record in Georgia you need to visit the Georgia DDS office.

Once you determine which Georgia driving record you want you can order it with either a three-year or seven-year driving history.


Why You Need to Get Your Georgia Driving Record

There could be a number of reasons why you might need your Georgia driving record. Courts or attorneys can request it if you’ve had a moving violation or another traffic infraction. Insurance companies use the details in your Georgia driving record to calculate how much you will pay on your insurance premiums each month. For this reason alone, it’s worth knowing what’s in your Georgia driving record.

If you drive in a professional capacity, your employer might need your Georgia dps driving record. Whether you submit your Georgia driving record to your employer or they request it on their own, you would benefit from knowing what they are going to find.


How to Get Your Driving Record in Georgia

Like in many states, if you want your Georgia DPS driving record you can order it in several different ways. In person, you can head to any local Georgia DDS office and fill out the appropriate paperwork. You may end up dealing with lines and delays, but once you’re done waiting and the paperwork is done you’ll get the report immediately.

By mail is another option. This is going to take at least one week for you to get your Georgia driving record. If you can wait, you’ll fill out the same paperwork (Form DDS-100), add in a check and self-address stamped envelope, and after a week you’ll have a copy of your Georgia DPS driving record.

If you aren’t interested in getting off your couch, there’s another option. You can use Info Tracer to get your Georgia driving record within minutes. All it takes is some basic information, a few clicks of your mouse, and you’ll have all of the details in your Georgia driving record available.

Remember, it’s easy to get your Georgia driving record when you use services like Info Tracer. Gone are the days of being forced to spend the day at the DMV getting your Georgia driving record. Now you can just hop online and have your driving report in no time. Need your driving report in another state? We have details for those states, too. Just check out the state you need and if you’ve got questions, we can help answer them!