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delaware driving record

Have you ever requested your Delaware driving record? A large majority of drivers don’t realize there is a need to check their driving record in Delaware once in a while. While the record contains your driving history, a majority of businesses can request your record to determine whether you get a job or how high your insurance rates will be.

As your Delaware DPS driving record contains some of your personal information, it’s worth it to check it out from time to time to make sure everything is accurate. Imagine if some points that shouldn’t be there or an accident that never happened was on your record. This could mean higher insurance rates, not to mention that mistakes could mean problems with identity theft. Checking your Delaware driving record every so often can catch these issues early!


Types of Driving Records in Delaware

Every state is different about how many driving records they offer. Some offer a variety that span everything from a year to a full history. Delaware does things a little differently. There is one main Delaware driver record that can be ordered. This is the driving record that will be used for your own personal use as well as for business purposes.

You can get your driving record in Delaware through the state DMV. This particular record offers the last three years of your driving history in Delaware. While details on your record can vary based on state, your Delaware driver record will include the current details of your license, any moving violations, accidents, points, and suspensions.


Why You Need to Get Your Delaware Driving Record

There are a variety of purposes for your driving record in Delaware. Your Delaware driving record can be used for personal reasons for identification. If you’re in any legal trouble, government agencies including law enforcement can request your Delaware driver’s record. Obviously, insurance companies are interested in your driving history, so you can expect that they will order a copy of your Delaware driver record.

While this is not possible in every state, your Delaware driver record can also be attained by Debt Collection agencies in order to collect information that will help them collect on a debt. Identity Theft claims can also be investigated and corrected with a copy of your Delaware driving record.


How to Get Your Delaware Driving Record

You can request your Delaware driving record in a number of different ways. Before you can request a driving record in Delaware you’ll need a copy of your photo ID including driver’s license number, name and address. This information will need to go onto a Personal Information Release Form. Once you have that information you can request your Delaware driving record in person, through the mail, or online.

If you go to the Delaware DMV, you can get a copy of your Delaware driver record the same day. Of course, you may end up waiting in line for a few hours before you get your record. DMV lines are known for being slow, but if you don’t mind waiting you will get your record the same day. In addition to the required paperwork, you’ll also need a payment of $25 to cover the cost of the record.

A second option, which requires a little more waiting is to request your Delaware driver record through the mail. You need to turn in the same release form, though you’ll need it to be notarized. You’ll only have the option of sending in a check or money order. You’ll also need to send a self-addressed stamped envelope with the request, otherwise a copy of your Delaware driving record will not be sent back. You can request copies through the mail at:

Division of Motor Vehicles
ATTN: Driver License Administration
P.O. Box 698
Dover, DE 19903

You can also get your driving record in Delaware online. We recommend using Info Tracer. This popular service gives you the ability to get your driving record with a few clicks of a button without ever having to leave your home. If you want something faster than mail or waiting in lines aren’t your thing, Info Tracer is one of your best options!

As you can see, getting your driving record in Delaware isn’t difficult at all. With the creation of services like Info Tracer you can get your Delaware DPS driving record from home. What’s easier than that? We also have details on how to get your driving records in other states. Find out how to get driving records in your state and if you have any questions, let us know!