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colorado driving record

When it comes to driving, Colorado is somewhere in the middle in terms of driving safety. They don’t have the most dangerous roads, but they aren’t the safest either. While there are a few big cities like Boulder and Denver, a lot of Colorado is farmland, plains, and small towns. Despite the topography, accidents and infractions still occur on Colorado streets. If you’re a driver, you might feel the need to check your Colorado driving record as a result.

The truth is, it never hurts to check your Colorado driver’s record because it offers a glimpse into your driving history. It also lists some personal information. At the very least, checking your Colorado dps driving record on occasion will allow you to spot the potential for identity theft. It also gives you the ability to have any incorrect information cleared up and corrected. Getting your Colorado driver’s record doesn’t have to be difficult. Keep reading and we can share the differences between available records and how to get them!


Types of Driving Records in Colorado

Typically, Colorado dps driving records are known as motor vehicle records. These records are handled by the Division of Motor Vehicles. There are two options to choose from when you’re ordering your Colorado driving record. You can get the non-certified Colorado driver’s record, or the certified drivers record.

Both reports are essentially the same. They offer the last 7 years of your Colorado driving history. This is the only Colorado driving record that is available. In the report, the last seven years of your driving history in Colorado will be made available. This will include traffic citations and/or violations, license classifications, fines, and license suspensions. Accident reports and points on your license will also be included.

In order to get your Colorado dps driving record you’re going to need a certain amount of information. You’ll need a license number, if available, along with a date of birth, copy of your ID, and a signature. After that, it’s just a matter of paying for your record.


Why You Need to Get Your Colorado Driver Record

There are plenty of good reasons to check your Colorado driving record periodically. The number one reason why it’s worthwhile to know what’s in your Colorado driving report is because they will use that information to determine how much your insurance rates are. If your record is squeaky clean you’ll have better insurance rates. For this reason alone, it’s worth making sure that your Colorado driving record is clear of any mistakes.

Employers can also request your Colorado driving record. If you’re up for a job that requires professional driving, it’s only natural that your future employer would want access to your Colorado driver’s report. Again, any mistakes or things that could be corrected could mean the difference between whether or not you get the job.


How to Get Your Colorado Driving Record

In order to get your Colorado driving record it’s going to depend on whether or not you want the certified or uncertified copy. The non-certified copy can be requested in multiple ways, but if you want your copy certified, you’ll need to request it via mail at:

Division of Motor Vehicles
1881 Pierce Street
Lakewood, CO 80214

Once you’ve mailed everything in, your certified driving record will be mailed to you. If you want your non-certified record, you’ve got some other options.

For starters, you could spend a day visiting your local Colorado DMV office. It might take you longer than you want to spend, thanks to long lines and a variety of paperwork, but it certainly is an option. You can also mail your documents in and wait for your Colorado driver’s record to arrive.

Another option is the online service, Info Tracer. The benefit to Info Tracer is that you can use the service on your computer or tablet and get results almost immediately. Just add in some basic information and within minutes you’ll be able to get the details that you need in your Colorado driving report. If you don’t want to wait in lines or sit around checking your mail, Info Tracer is definitely your best option.

Now that you know how to get your Colorado driver’s record you’ll just need to decide how to get it. If you need help with driving records in any other states we have those details, too! You can check the other pages to learn more! Be sure to let us know if you have any questions.