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california driving record

From the mountains to beautiful sandy beaches that go on for miles, California has some of the most scenic and iconic views in the country. Of course, depending on where in California you live you might also have horrendous traffic. While driving in California can be an experience, getting your California driving record doesn’t have to be. It’s important to check your California driver’s record from time to time because this is the information that insurance companies will use to determine your payment.

Like most states, California offers several different driving records. There are multiple ways to request and gain access to your California dps driving record. The following sections will fill you in on the various California driver records available to you and how you can get them.


Types of Driving Records in California

If you want your California dps driving record you have two options. You can go for the unofficial copy or the official copy. The information in your California driver’s record is the same no matter which record you choose. The difference is in how official the record is. While there are plenty of reasons why you’d want to look up your driving record in California, others can request your records, too.

In California, present or future employers, insurance companies, and attorneys can request your California driver’s record. This will give them access to your license history, any points on your license, and even some personal information. In fact, beyond your name, your California driving record could include your address, social security number, and/or your age.


Why You Need to Get Your California Driver Record

The best reason to get your driving record in California is so that you know what’s in it. Your California dps driving record determines what your car insurance rates will be. If you’re thinking about getting new insurance, the details in your California driver’s record will give insight as to what that insurance could end up costing. It never hurts to know what’s in your California driver record, too. This means you’ll have a chance to correct something if it’s wrong. You’ll also know what future employers will be looking at if you’re in a position where employers would want to access your records.


How to Get Your California Driving Record

Once upon a time if you wanted a driving record in California, you’d need to report to the California DMV. Unless you like torture and long wait times you’re going to either want to make an appointment before you arrive or you’re going to want to get your California dps driving record another way. With the California DMV, it’s not the paperwork that will be so bad. It’s more about how long you’ll wait to get the report you need.

If time is of the essence you can also mail in your request for your California driving record. You’ll either need to send in a Request for Your Own Driver License Information Record or a written request. The written request requires information like your name, date of birth, social security number, driver’s license number, and your signature.

You can mail your check with the appropriate paperwork to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
Information Services Branch
Information Release Unit G199
P.O. BOX 944247
Sacramento, California 94244

Of course, there is a third option that will allow you to get a California driver record without even leaving your living room! Info Tracer is one of the most highly recommended ways to get your driving record in any state! Just add some basic information and you’ll be able to get your driving record in California quickly and easily!

We have all the details you need to get your driving record no matter what state you’re in. Just look up the state you need the record in and we’ll tell you what you need to do to get it.