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arizona driving record

Arizona is known for breathtaking scenery and long stretches of undeveloped land. This makes the area perfect for a relaxing drive. If you can stand the heat and enjoy desert flora and stunning rock formations, Arizona has a lot to offer. Arizona has everything you’d want to see on a long drive. Of course, accidents happen and with them may come the need to get your Arizona driving record.

Arizona Motor Vehicle Records, otherwise known as an Arizona driver’s record contains specific personal information along with a history of your driving record in Arizona. The length of your driving history will depend on the specific Arizona dps driving record you order. In Arizona, there are three different records that you can order, depending on why you need your driver’s record.


Types of Driving Records in Arizona

There are four available options if you need your Arizona dps driving record. Each record will offer a portion of your driving history. Ultimately, which Arizona driver’s record you choose will be based on the amount of information you’d like to access.


39-month Uncertified

The 39-month uncertified Arizona driver record gives you access to any traffic violations that have been committed in the last 39-months.

39-month Certified

The 39-month certified Arizona driving record offers the same length of history as the uncertified record. The main different is that it’s certified. You can only request this record in person at any Arizona MVD office.

5-year Certified or Uncertified

Here you get your Arizona driving record for the past five years. Again, you can choose whether or not you need this record certified or not and that will depend on how you’d go about ordering it.


Why You Need to Get Your Arizona Driver Record

Your Arizona driving record contains information about your driving history, but it also has personal information that is on it. All information within the timeframe of the record you order will include tickets, traffic violations, accidents, and fines. If you’ve had any actions or suspensions, this information will also be on there. Obviously, your record will include license points, if you have any. Finally, your license status, history of other licenses and any endorsements you have will be added.

Having the information in your driving record allows you to ensure the accuracy of the record. It gives you a chance to correct any mistakes, but also to know what’s in your report. Your Arizona driving report can affect your insurance rates or whether or not you get a job, so knowing what’s in your Arizona driver’s report is important!


How to Get Your Arizona Driving Record

Naturally, you have a few options on how and where you can get your Arizona driving record. Ultimately, it’s going to depend on whether or not you want a certified or an uncertified copy of the report. Certified copies need to be requested in person at one of the local Arizona DMV locations. With uncertified copies you have more options about how to order them.

The downside to getting records at the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles is that you’re probably going to be stuck waiting in line. DMV locations are notorious for slow service and long lines. In fact, most people attempt to avoid them if they have the ability to do so. It’s one way to get your Arizona driving record, but if you don’t want to go in person you have easier options available to you.

You can also order your driving record by mail. You’ll need to fill out Arizona MVR Request Form 46-4416 correctly and send in a payment. If the record is not for you specifically, you may also need a signed consent for the driver that you are researching. The downside with mailing in your request is that there is going to be some wait time involved.

Perhaps the quickest and easiest way to get your Arizona driving record is with Info Tracer. This quick and painless service allows you the chance to put in some basic information and easily get the Arizona driving record that you need. If you’re looking for something quick that can be done from just about anywhere, Info Tracer is your best option.

If you need a driving record in another state, you may find that there are different requirements. Make sure to check out the driving records for the state you need and let us know if you have any questions!