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Alaska is known for its beautiful and natural scenery around the world. The other thing Alaska is most known for is the cold, wintery weather. While beautiful, Alaskan weather conditions can make driving near impossible. This means a higher likelihood of accidents, which are placed on your Alaska driving record. If you’re like many people, you may be curious about what your Alaska driver record has to say. What’s in your Alaska driver’s record can affect your insurance rates and could make the difference between whether or not you get a job. With this in mind, it makes perfect sense to have a clear idea of what your Alaska driver record says.

No matter the reason, if you want to understand how to check your Alaska dps driving record, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn what types of Alaska driving records there are and how to attain each of them. There are a variety of ways to get your driving record in Alaska. Just choose the easiest option for you and you’ll have your records in no time!


Types of Alaska Driving Records

Like in most states, there are multiple Alaska dps driving records that you can order. Alaska offers three records, each a little bit different in terms of how far into your Alaska driver’s record they will go.


5-Year Record

This is the driving record in Alaska that is most commonly used by insurance companies to determine your insurance rates. As stated, it goes back through the last five years of your Alaska dps driving record.

10-Year Record

This is similar to the five-year record, but it lasts twice as long! Basically, it gives you a wider and more complete view of your driving history.

Complete Alaska  Driving Record

This is your entire Alaska driver’s record. If you got a speeding ticket when you were a teenager or had a fender bender when you were just learning to drive, it will be in your complete driving record.


Why You Need to Get Your Alaska Driving Record

Every state is a little bit different when it comes to who can request someone’s driving record. In Alaska, potential employers, research companies, insurance companies, courts, and anyone that has written permission can request your driving record. You can request your driving record, too. While you technically don’t need to check your driving record, it’s good to know what’s in there so you have an understanding of how it will affect your insurance rates. Ensuring the accuracy of your driving report can help prevent identity theft. It will also give you the peace of mind knowing that future employers will find a correct report of your driving history.


How to Get Your Alaska Driving Record

There are multiple ways to get your Alaska driving record. The easiest way is going to be online with Info Tracer. With just some basic information, you’ll be able to access your Alaska driving record in no time. While this seems like an obvious choice, especially if you like convenience, there are other options.

You can head to any Alaska DMV office. If you don’t mind waiting, have some time to kill, and are comfortable with the potential for added paperwork this is an option. You’ll need to fill out Form 419F and bring proof of identification. If you’re trying to get someone else’s Alaska driver’s record, you’ll also need written permission from them. Most AK DMV’s do not take credit cards, so if that’s how you plan to pay you’ll want to check ahead to ensure that your location can accept them. Otherwise, you’ll need cash, check or a money order.

You can also opt to mail or fax your Form 419F with the $10 required for the record. If you fax the form, you will need to add your credit card information on the form. Mailing the form requires you to send a check to State of Alaska or DMV printed on it. Only checks that have pre-printed name and address information will be accepted.

You can mail your check and form to:

Division of Motor Vehicles
Attn: Research
1300 W. Benson Blvd. Suite 200
Anchorage AK 99503

If you want near-instant access to your Alaska driving record and don’t want to go through the fuss of waiting in line or waiting for the mail to come, we recommend giving Info Tracer a try. You can get all the information you need from the comfort of your living room.

Each state has specific rules and regulations when it comes to getting your driving record. If you’re not in Alaska, be sure to check the details for your specific state. We’ve got all the details you’ll need to get your driving record.